Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding Love, Again

Girlfriends Series, Book 3
Genre: E-book Cub Bites (Confessions)
Publisher: Lady Leo Publishing
Price $1.95
21 pages

Home is where the heart is.


Doreen Hamilton’s plans to return home for the Christmas holiday is interrupted by a major snow blizzard. New York City is covered in one foot of snow, and last night’s snowstorm caused delays at the airports, along the Eastern Seaboard. She’s disappointed when her flight is canceled, until she runs into her former lover, Tyler Shaw.

Tyler is also going home to Summerville, S. C. for the holiday. He’s ecstatic to see her, and since they can’t return home, they make plans to spend it together. What better way to spend Christmas Day, than in the arms of her first love!


Turning away from the window, I viewed a fine, tall brother talking to the same ticket agent who processed my check-in. My eyes traveled the length of his body—his well- toned, muscular body—zeroing in on his round butt. My hands were itching to stroke and caress his twin cheeks. That was so like me to be attracted to a man’s backside without seeing his face.

He must have felt my eyes on him, because he turned around slowly, and his intense grey eyes scoped me out.

Thunderstruck, I had the biggest Kool-aid grin on my face as I recognized Tyler Shaw, from my hometown of Summerville, South Carolina. I hadn’t seen him in three years; and Lord, did he look tasty!

It appeared he had been lifting weights. His body was well-defined, his shoulders broad, abs tight, and his arms and legs muscular. And the way his clothes fitted his body—especially his pants—just made me want to scream. I wanted to examine for myself all of the new changes to his sculptured body. After all, he was my first way back in the day. He was a gentle and giving lover, who saw to my needs first, before taking his own pleasure.

“Hey, Dorrie imagine finding you here. Going home for Christmas?” He asked,
while pulling me into his arms.

“Tyler!” I exclaimed, slipping into his arms, and getting a good whiff of his cologne—my favorite, Dolce & Gabanna.

Damn! He still wears that cologne.

“What a wonderful surprise,” I said. “It’s good to see you, too.”

I wanted him. My…my, my body remembered how he would send me into the twilight zone when we made love. He was that good, and my hormones went into overdrive. I had to push away from him or else I would’ve embarrassed myself.

“Girl, you’re looking good. Have you joined a gym?” He asked.

“No time for the gym, just working hard. I barely had enough time for a lunch break.
I lost twenty pounds since I saw you last,” I proudly declared.

“It looks good on you. Hmm, and you smell good, too. Come here and give me some sugar.”

“We’re in an airport, Tyler. I don’t think we should,” I said, suddenly becoming shy.

“Who’s watching, and if they do look, who cares? This is New York, and I haven’t kissed those lips in three years. I want to see if they taste as good as I remember.”

In his arms again, I couldn’t deny I didn’t want to kiss those lips and why not? We were both adults, and it was only a kiss. As I gazed into his eyes, I didn’t see when his lips touched mine, but I sure felt the effect. It was a gentle peck on the lips, but his tongue started to outline my lips, and I immediately opened my mouth, and he slipped it in. He thoroughly familiarized himself with my mouth, and he tasted like peppermint candy. I knew he loved to eat peppermint, and he must have just finished a piece. I don’t know how long we were at it, because I zoned out. I was trembling as ripples of desire curled inside of me, and I was wet down there. I had to stop that, or else we would be making out inside of a crowded airport!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Against My Will

Girlfriends Series, Book 2
Genre: E-book Cub Bites (Confessions)
Publisher: Lady Leo Publishing
Buy Link:
Price $1.95
29 pages

Will Lisa use her body to obtain funding for her bed and breakfast?


Lisa Monique Roberts, is looking forward to opening her own bed & breakfast. The only obstacle standing in the way of her achieving this dream is her mother’s approval. Victoria Roberts will authorize the early release of Lisa’s inheritance only if she agrees to give her a grandbaby.

Lisa adamantly refuses to fall prey to Victoria’s manipulative plot, until corporate attorney Parker Ian Mackenzie, arrive on the scene. Being wrapped up in Parker’s muscular arms, causes Lisa to consider fulfilling her mother’s life-altering stipulation. But is the price too high?


“Lisa, you look good enough to eat,” he said, sliding his body between my legs, and boldly caressing my exposed thighs. “I’m still hungry from dinner. Why don’t you offer me some of that ham?”

When I offered him my plate of food, he shook his head.

“Feed me from your fingers, Lisa.”

I brought a piece of ham to his lips, and watched him gobble it up. His strong, white teeth chewed and nibbled on my fingers.

“More,” he moaned.

He ate the second piece just as quickly; and then, he sucked the juice of the ham right off of my fingers. His tongue took teasing strokes. Then, he held my fingers between his lips, sucking harder. His eyes smothered, and I heard him groan as if he were in pain. My body hummed, and the moisture dampened my thong. The ping from the convection oven nearly made me jump out of my own skin when it went off, and I tried to slip out of Parker’s arms.

“Where are you going?”

“I want to get the rest of my dinner, Parker.”

“Don’t move, and I’ll bring it to you.”

Parker slid back between my legs, and fed me the rest of the dinner. He ate from my plate and then started to nibble on my lips—sucking up the gravy that collected on the seam of my lips.


I closed my eyes, inhaled his scent, and dined from his lips—lips that licked, devoured, and hungrily engulfed mine. My arms curled around his neck, played with the hair on the nape of his neck, and I wanted a bed. Working on my business proposal for the bank, and being turned down because I had no collateral, had consumed all of my time. I hadn’t been in a man’s arms in months. My body wanted, needed, and insisted on satisfaction—now!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Unfinished Business

Girlfriends Series, Book 1
Genre: E-book Cub Bites (Confessions)
Publisher: Lady Leo Publishing
E-book Price $1.95
Pages 19

A Marriage of Convenience


When Sydney Harris’ fiancĂ©, Lance Edwards, develops cold feet and walks out of her life, ten days before their wedding day. She finds herself propositioning her former lover, Phoenix Sander.
The moment she looks into his smoldering sherry-chocolate eyes, she knows she’s a goner. Phoenix is willing to marry Sydney, but only on his terms. Will Sydney give in to his ultimate?


Nix came to the door, towel draped against his sculptured body, moisture from his recent shower dripping down his chest. He looked good enough to eat. My fantasy from yesterday’s business meeting came back in real time, as I stood there mesmerized by his body.

“Sydney, what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you, Nix.”

“Make this quick, I’ve got an early call tomorrow morning,” he said, opening the door wide enough for me to pass through.

My nose honed in on his after-shower-scent and I found myself wishing to join him in the shower as we had done many times before: showering, making love, and then showering again.

“This is a beautiful house, Nix. You just moved in?” I asked. We were surrounded by unopened boxes.

“Yeah, I moved in on Saturday.”

“May I see the house, Nix?”

He didn’t answer me, but he did shake his head which I took as a “yes.” I went exploring. The basement level was unfinished, and the main floor had a spacious kitchen, formal dining room, and a huge living room. Eagerly, I climbed the stairs to the second level, and found three bedrooms. Two of them were big enough for a nursery and a combination library-study.

I walked into his master bedroom—which was the largest of the three bedrooms. It was elegantly furnished, and the walls had crown molding.

“Is this your work? I like what you’re doing to it, celery green wall paint, and my favorite is the French doors. Where does that door lead to?”

“Sydney, did you come here to talk, or to see my new home?”

I could hear the annoyance in Nix’s voice.

“I’m sorry. You know my passion for decorating a room. I think if you put the sleigh bed against the right wall, and not the left, it will give you even more space.”

“I’m a foreman now, and I have to be in Staten Island at five A. M., so say whatever you have to say, now!”

Nix was now standing in front of me; his sherry-chocolate eyes smoldered me, and stopped me in my track. I slowly backed away from him, feeling sexually threatened.

He smelled so good, his chest glistened, and I wanted—no needed to touch him. I fought my inward desires, because I was wet with need, and I needed to talk to him…


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