Friday, March 26, 2010

A Taste of Passion

Coming in June to Lady Leo Publishing Company, A Taste of Passion.
Romance Series, Book 3


After Chantál Thompson catches her live-in lover, Andrew (Drew) Colby III, in a comprising situation, she demands that he moves out of their Madison Avenue apartment. Drew is not about to move out and so now they are roommates, each with their own bedrooms, but sharing the kitchen and living room space.

It’s Chantál’s turn to host Ladies Night Out and Drew unexpected returns from an international photo shoot spoils her evening. Drew is burned out. All he wants is to lie back on his sofa, chug back a couple of beers, and unwind in his boxer shorts, but Chantál won’t let him. They compromise and she invites him back to her bed for a quickie. Passion burns hot, desire unquenchable, and Chantál can’t deny this white boy leaves her breathless.

Will Chantál forgive him? Will Drew be able to erase his past mistake?


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