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Finding Love Again

Girlfriends Series, Book Three

Home is where the heart is.

Doreen Hamilton’s plans to return home for the Christmas holiday is interrupted by a major snow blizzard. New York City is covered in one foot of snow, and last night’s snowstorm caused delays at the airports, along the Eastern Seaboard. She’s disappointed when her flight is canceled, until she runs into her former lover, Tyler Shaw.

Tyler is also going home to Summerville, S. C., for the holiday. He’s ecstatic to see her, and since they can’t return home, they make plans to spend it together. What better way to spend Christmas Day, than in the arms of her first love!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Book two of the Law and Crime Series


Angela Ellis-Torres is fed up with her absent husband. They were married on Christmas Eve, in Puerto Rico after drinking too much during vacation. No one in their family is aware of their marriage. Seven years later, she is ready to move on with her life without him.

Romero (Rome) Torres’s undercover assignment forced him to hide their marriage in order to protect his wife. After seven years, he is still an undercover DEA agent about to bust the biggest drug lord to distribute cocaine and crack in New York City. Angela is a firecracker he can’t handle right now, but she is fed up with being married to his undercover sting.

Can Romero nab his man and hold onto the woman he loves before she files for divorce?


“Wife,” Angela laughed. She laughed so hard she doubled over, and tears slid down her cheeks. “My attorney is ready to serve you with divorce papers, Rome, on the grounds of desertion. Your wife doesn’t live here, anymore!”

“I see you have jokes, tonight, Querida.”

“Get out of my bed!” She hissed. “Go back to Mama, Maria. You slept there last night. Why bother to show up here, tonight.”

“You know I’m on assignment. I wasn’t really going to show up today, but my mother has been paging me for months. I didn’t want to disappoint her after missing Chloe’s wedding.”

“Hell, don’t disappoint Maria, but what about me, Rome! I’m only your neglected wife.”

Rome’s beeper began dancing across the nightstand. Pissed off by the interruption, Angela’s eyes darted over to the beeper, and she wanted to toss it out the window.
Earlier that evening, Rome set the pager to vibrate, and told his partner, Wesley Alston, to contact him only if it was important. Grabbing the pager before Angela got hold of it, he glanced down at it, and found he had three texts waiting. He scrolled down his messages, and found that they were all from Wes. It was urgent that he call him, they said.

“Angela, I have to answer this.”

“If you make that damn call, our marriage is over, Romero! My lawyer will serve the papers.”

“I’m sorry, Querida.”

“That has become so old, Rome!”

Enraged, Angela bolted off the bed and entered the bathroom. She slammed the door to make her point. She was so pissed off with Romero that she could’ve shot him. His scent was all over her, and right then, she wanted it off. They’d been married for seven years, and none of their families and friends was aware of it. A two-week vacation in Puerto Rico with Rome, and one too many Tequilas; led to her becoming Mrs. Romero-Torres on Christmas Eve.

That was during the happy days; but Rome’s love for living on the edge and his being an undercover DEA officer were starting to wear thin. They had never lived as a married couple. Whenever he got a chance, he would slip over to see her, or he would call her and they’d meet at a hidden location—always cautious of their surroundings. This last assignment has been going on for much too long.

“I can’t live this way any longer!” Angela screamed inside of the shower. Her frustration had built to a flashpoint.

She wanted a full-time husband, not a secret one. She wanted what Chloe had: a husband who came home every night, slept in their bed. If Rome couldn’t decide, she would finish it. She deserved better, and she wanted it all!

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