Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures The moment junior accountant Shameya Williams, butts head with Grayson Michael Jennings, Chief Executive Officer of Jennings Enterprises, at the company’s monthly budget meeting, all hell breaks loose. Besides all of the things that drive her crazy about the man she can’t deny he’s one white man who leaves her breathless. Tempted for the first time by the sweet scent of one of his accountants, Grayson knows that he should never play where he works, but he can’t resist. When Shameya falls asleep at his desk, and he stares into the naked desire of her dazed eyes, their one night of passion leads to an erotic affair. Weeks later, during a routine audit, a report reveals embezzlement from one of Shameya’s accounts. Can Shameya convince the man of her heart that she is innocent? Will Grayson follow his heart, or do what’s best for the company? Available Barnes and Noble and coming soon to Amazon.


Salsa Heat

Salsa Heat is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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