Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing With Fire

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing with Fire

A woman has her needs…

After seventeen years of marriage and two kids, Yvette Reardon wakes up to the fact that she doesn’t love her husband anymore. Their lovemaking has trickled down to a kiss on her cheek, each night. The romance is nonexistent, and their marriage is hanging on a thread, because of the kids.

Former pro basketball player, Darnell Woods, returns to New York City to be near his ailing mother, and to capture the love he left behind. Yvette is the woman who got away. Although she is married, the sparks between them is still there. She is living a double life with her secret lover, meeting Darnell three times a week, she returns home feeling trapped by her past mistakes.

Will Yvette follow her heart or remain in a loveless marriage?


Monday morning, I sat at my desk at Merrill Enterprise Payroll Department with a stack of new hires to input into the computer. The sudden shrill of the telephone startled me. The caller ID panel lit up as bright as the smile on my face when I snatched the telephone off the cradle by the third ring.

“How’s my girl?” Darnell Woods’ deep, sexy voice crooned in my ears, sliding down my body like liquid butter. My thong moistened with the sound of just those three simple words.

“I’m great now that I’m talking to you,” I whispered into the telephone and looked around me to make sure no one was playing attention. I was sure my cheeks flushed and guilt was on my face.

“I need to see you. Can you get off early?”

I had had enough of Lamont’s neglect. Today, I was ready to follow my heart. My sister, Renee, gave me the 4-1-1 on Darnell’s life. He was divorced now, and had returned to New York City over four months ago because of his ailing mother. Mrs. Woods had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. For the moment, she was doing reasonably well after the removing of her organs and the follow-up chemo treatments. The cancer hadn’t spread to the other organs. Renee passed on my telephone numbers to Darnell because she knew how miserable I’d been for the past three years. I resisted the temptation—until now…

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