Friday, September 3, 2010

Playing with Fire

A woman has her needs…

After nineteen years of marriage and two kids, Yvette Reardon, wakes up to the fact that she doesn’t love her husband anymore. Their lovemaking has trickled down to a kiss on her cheek each night. The romance is nonexistent, and their marriage is hanging on a string, because of the kids.

Former NBA player, Darnell Woods, returns to New York City to be closer to his ailing mother, and to capture the love he left behind. Yvette is the woman who got away and although she is married, the sparks between them is still there. Soon, she is living a double life, with her secret lover, meeting Darnell three times a week, but she returns home feeling trapped by her past mistakes. Will Yvette follow her heart or remain in a loveless marriage?

Submitted to the Publisher.



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