Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blindsided by Love

The fourth book in the Girlfriends Series, Blindsided by Love, has found a home with Lady Leo Publishing. It will be release January/2011.

Blindsided by Love, Girlfriends Series, Book 4

Kiare Reed and Lisa Roberts-Mackenzie have been best friends since they were six years old. She’s matured from those days of being a bitchy, selfish, and always getting her way type of girl. For the past three years, she has been happily married to Lewis Reed. Her life will take an unexpected turn. Will she be blindsided by love?

The Girlfriend Series

“Unfinished Business” is the first book in my Girlfriends Series, Sydney Harris' story. Lisa Roberts’ story title “Against My Will” is the second book, Doreen Hamilton’s story title “Finding Love, Again” is the third book. Kiare Reed’s story “Blindsided by Love” is the final book in the series.

Sydney, Lisa, and Doreen met that very first day of registration at Columbia University. It was a nightmare for them. Locating the registrar office, scheduling their classes, and then handing in their schedules to find out the classes had filled up. But they got through it.

Lisa is from Rock Hill, North Carolina, Doreen from Summerville, South Carolina, and Sydney was the only native New Yorker. These three ladies bonded that day, and five years later, their friendship was stronger than ever. Sydney and Lisa both have vivacious personalities, and Doreen was the quiet soul who kept them in line.

Sydney Harris is about to get married but her fiancĂ© is having second’s thoughts. When he walks out of her life, ten days before the wedding, she’ll need the support of her girlfriends, Lisa Roberts and Doreen Hamilton to help her through this crisis.

Lisa Monique Roberts’ father death forces her to return to North Carolina. She's an only child, and her mother's clinging ways pushes her out of the 'mansion.' She’s living in her own townhouse, with a Bachelor degree in business. Lisa’s dream is to open a bed & breakfast, and all she needs is the funding for it.

Doreen Hamilton's plans to return home to Summerville, S.C. for the Christmas holiday is interrupted by a major snow blizzard, which forces her to remain in New York City. She’s disappointed, until she runs into Tyler Shaw, at the airport. Ecstatic to run into each other, they make plans to spend the holiday together. Doreen is on cloud nine when he accepts her invitation to dinner. What better way to spend the holiday than in the arms of her first lover.


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