Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shay Bennett's Thoughts

While on a romantic getaway in St. Lucia with my boyfriend, Michael, I learned a valuable lesson.

Men can’t be trusted.

I saved for an entire year to make that trip and to discover the man I loved could disrespect me and indulged in an island fling, in our resort bed, well it left me disillusioned by love. I’m not the type of girl to have a pity party over a man, so I wiped my tears and dressed for a sexual escapade of my very own.

Months later, I’m so glad I went to the Pulse Club. I met a man. Yes, he is white, and he rocked my world. I think I fell in love with Linden that very first night, gazing into his shimmering violet eyes as we dance, and later as we made love. His orgasm sent my body to another world. One night turned into seven days of sexual bliss… Now, we’re married. I’m five months pregnant and happily waiting the birth of our child.

My best friend and cousin, Tatiana Andrea Edwards, will take center stage in, Drop It Like It’s Hot, the second book of the Seduction Series. You can peek into Linden and our lives, and meet the rest of our crazy, dysfunctional family.


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