Saturday, October 29, 2011


Law and Crime Series, Book Two

Angela’s story.

Why is she so mean and nasty toward Chloe? Why did she interfere in her brother’s happiness? Is there a reason for all of her pent-up frustration, or is she just a bitch in heat? Read her story and understand what makes Angela tick. Incognito, the second book in the series, you can peek into the lives of Chloe and Trevor Ellis.


Angela Ellis-Torres is fed up with her absent husband. They were married on Christmas Eve, in Puerto Rico after drinking too much during vacation. No one in their family is aware of their marriage. Seven years later, she is ready to move on with her life without him.

Romero (Rome) Torres’s undercover assignment forced him to hide their marriage in order to protect his wife. After seven years, he is still an undercover DEA agent about to bust the biggest drug lord to distribute cocaine and crack in New York City. Angela is a firecracker he can’t handle right now, but she is fed up with being married to his undercover sting.

Can Romero nab his man and hold onto the woman he loves before she files for divorce?

Coming in November to Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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