Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tangled Sheets

A Night of Sexual Bliss… Rayne Bowers’ reckless night of passion with a complete stranger left her with a present she can’t ignore. Weeks later, she still dreams of the blonde-haired, turquoise-eyed, white boy. That night was incredible; yet the next morning she didn’t stick around for a formal introduction. Unforgettable… Junior partner Cameron Mead can’t believe his luck. The mystery African-American woman, who entered his life that night at Club Zanzibar, turns out to be a newly hired law clerk working for his father. Company policy states no fraternizing between employees, but her body sets him on fire. Explosive… When they meet again, the sex is hotter than the last time. Their one night stand produced a child he won’t ignore. Will Cameron and Rayne’s love flourish, or will the desires of an insensitive man destroy what they’ve created?


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