Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Against My Will

Girlfriends Series, Book 2
Genre: Short Story, Chick-lit
Available: Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords
Price: $1.99

Will Lisa use her body to obtain funding for her bed and breakfast?


Lisa Monique Roberts, is looking forward to opening her own bed & breakfast. The only obstacle standing in the way of her achieving this dream is her mother’s approval. Victoria Roberts will authorize the early release of Lisa’s inheritance only if she agrees to give her a grandbaby.

Lisa adamantly refuses to fall prey to Victoria’s manipulative plot, until corporate attorney Parker Ian Mackenzie, arrive on the scene. Being wrapped up in Parker’s muscular arms, causes Lisa to consider fulfilling her mother’s life-altering stipulation. But is the price too high?


“Lisa, you look good enough to eat,” he said, sliding his body between my legs, and boldly caressing my exposed thighs. “I’m still hungry from dinner. Why don’t you offer me some of that ham?”

When I offered him my plate of food, he shook his head.

“Feed me from your fingers, Lisa.”

I brought a piece of ham to his lips, and watched him gobble it up. His strong, white teeth chewed and nibbled on my fingers.

“More,” he moaned.

He ate the second piece just as quickly; and then, he sucked the juice of the ham right off of my fingers. His tongue took teasing strokes. Then, he held my fingers between his lips, sucking harder. His eyes smothered, and I heard him groan as if he were in pain. My body hummed, and the moisture dampened my thong. The ping from the convection oven nearly made me jump out of my own skin when it went off, and I tried to slip out of Parker’s arms.

“Where are you going?”

“I want to get the rest of my dinner, Parker.”

“Don’t move, and I’ll bring it to you.”

Parker slid back between my legs, and fed me the rest of the dinner. He ate from my plate and then started to nibble on my lips—sucking up the gravy that collected on the seam of my lips.


I closed my eyes, inhaled his scent, and dined from his lips—lips that licked, devoured, and hungrily engulfed mine. My arms curled around his neck, played with the hair on the nape of his neck, and I wanted a bed. Working on my business proposal for the bank, and being turned down because I had no collateral, had consumed all of my time. I hadn’t been in a man’s arms in months. My body wanted, needed, and insisted on satisfaction—now!


Available at Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords. Read an excerpt at Smashwords.

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