Friday, May 20, 2011

Romance Series

Obsession, Romance Series, Book Two.

How far will Brandon go to have Simone?


Simone Jeffries returns to New York City to attend Fashion Institute of Technology. She’s working toward her Master’s degree in interior design, while working part-time at her sister-in-law’s company, Lakewood Designs. A year ago, her erotic escapade with Anthony White, caused a rift with her brother, Morgan.

Can Simone mend the rift with her brother?

Identical twins, Anthony and Brandon White, are used to sharing everything—clothes, foods, and women. But this time, Anthony isn’t willing to share—especially when it comes to Simone! Brandon’s obsession with the pecan colored, mesmerizing, green-eyed beauty pushes him to take matters into his own hands.

Undeniable, Romance Series, Book One


Reese Lakewood romantic dinner for two goes up in smoke when she discovers her boyfriend, Vincent, in his office banging his best friend, Michael. Devastated, she falls into the arms of the security guard, Morgan Jeffries. In one unforgettable night, Reese’s life kaleidoscope after a series of events, and pushes her into another man’s arms.

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